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JS Concrete provides renowned concrete cutting in Los Angeles, CA. Concrete cutting utilizes blades fitted with diamond segments to cut through concrete, asphalt, brick, or block. We employ a variety of techniques to cut through these materials depending on the specific goal, material, and site location:

• Flat Sawing—This is the most commonly used cutting method. Flat sawing is used to cut through flat, horizontal surfaces like paver patios, concrete floor slabs, parking lots, and sidewalks. It involves an electric saw that removes damaged areas, eliminates materials for new footings, and is perfect for trench cutting.

• Push Sawing—Push sawing is used in areas that a flat saw cannot access. It is similar to a flat saw, but is smaller and easier to maneuver.

• Wall Sawing—This technique uses a circular saw blade. Mounting the track on the wall, the machine is run back and forth, thereby cutting through it. Wall sawing is used to create openings for doors and windows.

• Chain Sawing—This hand-held saw is fitted with diamond segments, allowing it to form small, rectangular openings. It can also eliminate overcuts by making corners more angular.

• Concrete Grinding—Concrete grinding smoothens rough transitions between slabs of rough concrete. It is generally used to grind down areas where tree roots have lifted the slab.

• Concrete Removal—Depending on site access and the size of the job, there are many methods that can be performed to remove concrete. For smaller jobs, we can cut concrete into pieces, allowing it to be removed by hand. For jobs with limited access and no vibration limit, we can use jackhammers to break up the concrete into little pieces so it can be easily removed by hand. For larger projects with better access, we utilize a skid-steer and a variety of excavation machines.

Our concrete cutting services are perfect for a variety of much-needed repair work without damaging adjacent structures.

Allow us to take on all of your heavy-duty concrete grinding projects today.

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